We meet and discuss…

Has Property been for sale recently?

Is this your Primary or Secondary residence?

Why do you want to sell ?

When do you want to sell?

What are the Full Taxes ?

Who are the Owners on Deed?

Are there any outstanding Liens?

What is the basic Description and Condition?  (EX: bedrooms, bathrooms etc..)

Where do you want to Relocate too?

Who are your Team Members?

I will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis of your property based on description and

I will examine the prices of recently sold, under contract and current for sale properties
to determine a completive listing price based on hyper local markets trends.

I will plan, design and secure all Marketing and Adverting to have your property seen and
previewed by only qualified buyers ready and capable to purchase thus resulting  in a
successful sale within the best time frames discussed.


Real Estate Agent
Your Representation throughout the entire sales process.

Real Estate Attorney
Choose an attorney that primarily practices is Real Estate law.

Tax Advisor
There are many tax Advantages or Disadvantages when selling consult your professional
CPA or Accountant.

You will need to cancel your Home Owners and or Flood insurance policy.

Moving Company
Do you need a moving company?  
Reserve one soon as you know your dates.
Depending on the time of year they may be busy.

Contact your utility companies to cancel your accounts.
(EX: Electric, Gas, Oil, Water and Phone, Internet, Tv Companies)

I will set up a final walk through of the property.
Prior to closing date, usually same day or day before.
We will tour the property to Agree and Approve the present conditions.

Closing Date
All parties sign closing documents with the settlement agent.
You receive Money!