Licensed Real Estate Professional  =  ME!

Finance Representative  -  Mortgage Broker,  Bank, Credit Union or Private

Real Estate Attorney  -  Primarily Specializing in Real Estate Transaction

Tax Advisor  -  Account,  CPA or Private

Insurance  -  Broker, Agency or Direct Companies

Licensed  Home Inspector  - Complete  Examination of the Structure Condition

I work with Professional Experienced Members on my Team.
If you need a referral to assemble your Team - Just Ask!
A Good Team Includes
Buying and Selling Real Estate is Exciting and Fun!

Sometimes it can be Scary and Aggravating.

This is why you don’t do it alone.

Having a Team on your side is all you need.

Know your Team members before you start a Real Estate transaction.

You will be prepared to move forward when timing is important.

Every Team member should be a specialist in their field.

You Deserve Your Own Representation in a Real Estate Transaction.

Each specialty Team member should be looking out and protecting your Interests.

Be clear when you meet and speak with various persons during the process.

Know who they are representing.